How To Earn Online

There’s an old saying that’s been around much longer than the Internet that
really does have a wealth of truth to it.
And that saying is simply this:
“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”
Now, I’m not some kind of great philosopher and we certainly don’t have the
time to grab some breakfast tea and sit around for hours discussing the great
amount of wisdom encapsulated in this short saying.
Let’s just cut to the chase and say…
… “it’s true”.
And it certainly is true when it comes to growing an Internet business. If
you don’t carefully plan your business strategy, you’ll likely become another one
in the long line of those who fail.
Some estimates show that as much as 95% of online businesses fail.
And a major contributing factor to that unsettling statistic is undoubtedly the
failure to set a realistic plan in motion.

That’s not gonna happen to you.
At least, not if I can help it. (You’ll have to do your part too, of course).
If you spend a few minutes reading this special report, I’m going to give you a
fool-proof, 3-step system for building a $100K / year business on the Internet.
And – I’ll even give you some very specific action steps you can take
beginning today to begin growing your own business.
You’ll be shocked at how simple a system it is to use. And you’ll probably be
just a bit amazed (maybe even frustrated or angry) that someone hasn’t
shown you all of this before now.
Perhaps the best thing about this system is this: it doesn’t matter who you are,
what “niche” you are involved in, or what KIND of business you are building.
It works for…
· Anyone selling ebooks.
· Anyone selling physical information products.
· Anyone selling subscriptions or memberships.
· Anyone selling services (one-time or recurring)
· Anyone selling affiliate products.
· Anyone selling advertising.
· Anyone selling reprint rights products.
· Anyone selling ghostwritten materials.
· Anyone selling goods at online auctions.

Quite honestly, if you’re attempting to sell anything on the Internet, this plan
WILL work for you if you put it into action.
Now, before we get into the three steps, I want to tell you a story. Yeah, yeah,
I know – but stay with me here, because this is IMPORTANT.
Imagine this: You walk up to a car and are instructed to start pushing. You do.
It doesn’t go very far and someone else comes up and asks you to start pushing
on a different car instead.
Since the first car isn’t moving very much, you decide to push the second one
while a newcomer (John) starts pushing car number one.
Stay with me here.
You don’t have much success with car number two, so at the urging of
someone, let’s just call him an “ezine publisher”, you move on to car number
three while John continues to stay with car number one.
You get kind of frustrated with car number three because the darn thing just
doesn’t move much when you push on it.
In disgust, you move on to car number four, five, six and seven because
someone you know told you that they would be better.
All the while, ‘ol John sticks with car number one.
After a few hours you haven’t gotten anywhere. You were only able to move the
cars just a little bit and you’ve decided to call it quits. You look around and it’s
then that you notice it…
…John and car number one are gone.
They are nowhere to be seen.
You see, while you went from car to car, pushing a little and then moving on
when results didn’t come fast enough, John continued pushing. And pushing.
And pushing.
And car number one started rolling. Slowly at first, but then faster. Soon,
John had some MOMENTUM going. And he moved on down the road.

Now, let’s apply that to YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS…
Every single day I receive new offers from list owners. They send me an email
(along with every other person on their list) for the new “program of the
month” and urge me (and you) to get in while the gettin’s good.
· I’ll probably die in my sleep tonight if I don’t jump in today.
· Or maybe I’ll disrupt the earth’s gravitational pull and destroy the
world if I don’t send my $39.95 in right now.
· There’s just no time to waste.
· This is a sure shot.
· They’ve had 84 new signups in less than 24 hours.
· This is the newest and latest and best new thing that’s gonna change
the way we do business online.
· Forget about everything else that was said in the past, this is the one.
And then two days later I receive a similar email from the same list owner. The
name of the program has changed, but the necessity for me to act fast
hasn’t. I’m to buy and buy now before the whole world finds out and beats me
to the punch.
After all, there are other list owners out there.
And let me tell you what happens to those 84 new signups from two days ago.
They get confused.
“Was I supposed to promote this program or
is it time to move on to the new one?”
“Which one is better?”
“There’s no way I can be a member of 15 programs
and there’s no way I could promote them all even if I

had the money, so which one should I try to use?”
So, they move on and on and on, as the list owner and persons of influence
continue to get rich off the sales they make.
And I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the poor, misguided, good folks who email me day
after day and tell me that they still have yet to see a profit online.
And yet there are “sure shots” and “can’t misses” being promoted every single
day. Whatever the newest and latest program is — everybody’s sending their
emails and playing the game over and over again.
And the only folks making any money are the ones who come up with
the new programs and products and the ones who send out the urgent
messages to their list members.
And we wonder why the failure rate is so high. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that
the overwhelming majority of folks trying to do business online quit without
earning enough money to buy a large pizza in the frozen food section at their
local grocery store.
Now, I’m not one of those folks who says “here’s a problem, but I don’t
have a solution.” I DO have a solution. And it’s fairly simple…
1. Do the math. You only have so much money and so much time to invest.
Where will it be? If someone is bombarding you with new programs to join and
new products to buy every single day, then unsubscribe and find someone else
to teach you the ropes. You can’t join and buy them all. I don’t know about your
financial situation, but I do know that every single one of us is only allotted 24
hours a day. You can’t effectively do everything!
2. Get a Plan. I don’t care if you join my program or your buddy’s program or
nobody’s program — just decide what you want to do. Make a decision. Form a
gameplan. Where do you want to go? How much do you want to earn? How can
you do it? Find someone who is willing to invest THEIR time in YOU. Now there’s
a plan. How many of these folks bombarding you with their offers are actually
available to answer your questions and guide you along the way and mentor
you? And how many cut you loose once they have your money. Find a mentor.
Find someone who is willing to invest in YOU before you invest in them.
[Note: I’m going to give you a plan in the coming pages of

this report. You’re about to discover exactly what you
need to do in order to build your Internet business. So,
read on.]
3. Stick to it. Please, please, please — don’t jump on the bandwagons as they
come passing by. I promise you there will be more bandwagons. There will be
new programs and products coming your way every day. Resist the temptation
to continue going from one to the next. You’ll never get any momentum at all if
you quit one thing to start the next. All you’ll do is waste time and money.
You’ve got your plan — you may have to modify if from time to time, and even
add to it — but stick to it. Do you realize that EVERY TIME you quit one thing to
begin the next that you have WASTED your time and money that you spent on
the previous one?
Earning an income online isn’t difficult — but it can be confusing if you don’t
follow these three simple rules. There are times that I have to simply tell myself
“no” when a new offer comes by — and I just stick to my plan. I know where
I’m going and I’m not going to be derailed by the latest and greatest to come
down the pike.
How about you?
You need some MOMENTUM. You need to push and keep pushing. You need
to get that car — your business — moving down the road. Sure, it will be slow at
first. But, if you keep pushing, sooner or later it’s going to start rolling forward.
I challenge you to do the math, get a plan and stick to it.
You can thank me later. J
Now, having said that, let’s talk about your plan.
“What does it take to grow my
business and earn more profits?”
In carefully examining my own business – and in studying the successes of
hundreds of my colleagues and clients – I’ve discovered that there are three
simple keys to growing any business and making more money from it.
And here they are…

Key #1: Increase Your “Market Reach”
The first key to making more money from your business is to “increase your
‘market reach’ “. That is, you need more exposure among your targeted
audience. Your business needs to be in front of as many potential customers
as it possibly can be.
Out there in cyberspace somewhere are all of the customers who would ever
possibly be interested in your products.
There is a maximum number of people out there who have the potential of
doing business with you.
Your job is to find as many of them as humanly possible. You want your
marketing to reach as many of those who might do business with you.
Now, there is a simple formula that you can use to measure how well you are
reaching your potential customers.
The formula for market reach on the internet looks like this…
Site Traffic + List Size = Market Reach
Just on sheer numbers alone, growing your business is based on how many
visitors arrive at your website and how many subscribers you have on
your list.
For example:
All things equal, 10,000 website visitors will generate
more profits for you than 1,000 visitors.
All things equal, 25,000 opt-in subscribers will generate
more profits for you than 5,000 opt-in subscribers.
You need more market reach than you currently have. More website traffic and
a larger list. That is one aspect of growing your business and profits.
So, what needs to be a priority in your weekly activities?

Building your opt-in lists and increasing your web site traffic!
Every single week, devote time to getting more subscribers to your lists and
more visitors to your web site.
In fact, I recommend that you create a weekly activity checklist. That is,
create a list of action steps for growing your lists and traffic and divide them into
daily activities to complete.
I learned something important at my very first job,
back at McDonald’s®. I was sixteen at the time, and
from the very first day learning to flip burgers, I saw
a priceless lesson unfold before my eyes that has
proved to be invaluable to me in my own business.
And that lesson is this: it’s all about the system. You find something that works
and you repeat it over and over again. Sure, you tweak it from time to time to
improve it, but it’s the system that you use.
McDonald’s® had it down perfectly. There was an exact sequence in
which I was to “dress” the burgers. Mustard, ketchup, onions, pickles. They
were all in a specific spot on the table and they were all to be added to the
burger in a specific order.
And when it came to cranking out burgers, this system made it so easy.
Listen to me, and listen good – when it comes to cranking out profits for your
business, a “system” makes it easy, and it makes it work.
Learn this: The single greatest thing you can do to grow your business
is develop a list of profit-boosting activities that you consistently
complete on a weekly basis.
I have my own checklist (which I’ll share with you in brief format in just a
moment) filled with what I call “Day Specific Activities”.

Each day of the week, I have a simple checklist that I work my way through in
order to build my Internet business.
Let me give you just a quick example of what your “Monday” might look like
when it comes to “building lists” and “generating traffic”.
q Write an Ezine article to promote your list, product, site or
affiliate link.
q Submit the article to your “Ezine distribution network” for
§ Publish article to your own opt-in lists.
§ Load article to a page at your web site.
§ Submit article to major article directories.
§ Submit article to your list of ezine publishers.
§ Inform your affiliates and JV partners of your article.
q Publish your weekly newsletter, including your newly written
§ Make personal remarks about a specific product or
service and offer an incentive for anyone purchasing.
§ Cross promote one of your free reports, blog posts, minicourses
or existing articles.
§ Refer to any contest, joint venture project, sub-list or
other business-building activity currently available.
q Setup a joint venture partnership to (a) build your list, or (b)
grow your traffic.
§ Option 1: An “all-inclusive” project with multiple partners.
§ Option 2: An “exclusive” project with one partner.
That’s just a sample of what you can do. The important thing is to actually
establish a routine. Get your own list of activities to do every single week. Plan
things out into daily assignments. You don’t need to try it all at once, or

attempt to do too much.
Just get some things on a regular schedule that you can follow week
after week to gain some momentum and steadily grow your business.
Include the following in your action steps to build your lists and grow your traffic.
Ø Write ezine articles
Ø Create viral reports
Ø Conduct and / or participate in joint ventures
Ø Bid on pay-per-click search engine listings
Ø Experiment with SEO tactics
Ø Purchase solo mailings and other paid advertising
Ø Exchange links, articles, popups, ads, etc. with other marketers
Ø Post questions and answers to relevant forums
Ø Work with your affiliate program
Ø Get your list members involved in marketing for you
There are countless ways to grow your lists and generate web site traffic. It’s
critical that you develop a plan here to work your way through each week. Hit
and miss tactics just won’t work. You need momentum. You need to get a
system in place. And you need to get started today!
Important Note: Every month in List And Traffic™, you’ll learn
specific steps for growing your lists and generating traffic to your sites.
While you won’t find “gimmicks” or “tricks” in this special video
training, you will find 100% original, proven effective steps you can take
to see guaranteed results.
Each week you need to take specific steps to grow your lists and traffic.
Everything is broken down into complete “checklist-style” action steps
(and each step is THOROUGHLY EXPLAINED in great detail so
you know exactly what to do), walking you through the exact
sequence you need to immediately begin seeing results.

Hi Jimmy,
‘List And Traffic’ is BRILLIANT. Not only does it contain tons

of value and hidden strategies to skyrocket anyone’s list and
web traffic easily, it also greatly simplifies learning with the
use of multi-media AND PDF tutorials – cool!
Needless to say I’m extremely impressed and will recommend EVERY
marketer to jump on this in a heartbeat…it’s THAT good and at
an insane investment too!
Ewen Chia
Key #2: Increase Your “Lead Conversion”
A second key to business growth is to “increase your ‘lead conversion’ “.
That is, you need more of your website visitors and list subscribers to actually
buy something from you.
You’re getting subscribers. You’re getting traffic. Now, you need to get them to
spend money with you … as many subscribers and visitors as possible.
The more subscribers and visitors who buy, the more money you make. No big
surprise there.
In simple terms, if you have 1,000 visitors to your site
and 3% of them buy a product that you profit $20.00 on,
then you just earned $600.00.
But, without any additional traffic, if the number of
visitors who bought the product (lead conversion) was 4%,
then you just earned $800.00. That’s $200.00 more without
any additional traffic.
Growing your website traffic and your lists alone will not bring in more profits.
You must have a system in place that converts more browsers into buyers. You
want a larger number of visitors and subscribers who actually become paying

That’s another aspect of growing your business and profits.
And, again, you need a systematic approach. There are some things you can do
on a weekly basis in order to increase the number of list members who buy and
the number of site visitors who buy.
Let’s take a quick look at an example of one day’s activities you can begin
implementing into your own business-growing checklist…
q Add a message to one (or more) of your follow-up sequences.
§ Insert a solo mailing for your product.
§ Insert a special, limited incentive for ordering your
§ Insert an ezine article that promotes your product.
§ Insert a testimonial for your product.
§ Insert a case study and real results for your product.
q Tweak your salesletter to make slight improvements.
§ Test a different headline.
§ Test a different price point.
§ Test a different layout. (Background color, graphics, etc.)
§ Test a different payment structure.
q Create highly targeted “landing pages”.
§ Create landing pages for specific audiences.
(I.E. Stay at home moms, senior citizens, real estate agents,
Christians, etc.)
§ Create landing pages for specific sources of traffic.
(I.E. “Special offer for subscribers of XYZ ezine”.)
§ Create landing pages for specific “hot buttons”.
(I.E. “Only $10”, “Results in 24 hours”, “No experience

necessary” and “Try before you buy”.)
§ Create landing pages for specific events and occasions.
(I.E. “Lose 10 pounds by spring break”, “Lose 10 pounds by
your class reunion,” and “Lose 10 pounds after having a
Again, this is just a small sampling of the various things you can schedule into
your weekly routine in order to convert more of your subscribers and site visitors
into paying customers.
This is the most important thing you can do to build your business.
I can’t stress that enough.
Develop a checklist.
Note: And, trust me when I say that you’ll tweak the
list from time to time to make it better. I routinely
remove things that are either completed, become
outdated or could be replaced by something that better
uses my time.
As new ideas and technologies surface, you’ll find
different (and better) ways of accomplishing what
you’re after.
In fact, I actually SCHEDULE time each week to work on my schedule!
Seriously, I schedule 1-2 hours each week just to update my system so that I
can continue to do what’s best for my business.
I repeat…
Just get some things on a regular schedule that you can follow week
after week to gain some momentum and steadily grow your business.
Include the following in your action steps to convert more of your leads into

paying customers…
Ø Add to all of your follow-up sequences (Including your customers!)
Ø Make changes to your sales process.
Ø Adjust your offers. (Upsells, downsells, cross sells)
Ø Recycle your traffic.
Ø Use exit strategies.
Ø Use surveys (Find our what your leads want and why they aren’t
Ø Create landing pages.
Ø Conduct teleseminars, webinars and other interactive events.
Ø Regularly create more free content (ebooks, mini-courses, articles, etc.)
Ø Add audio and video messages to your site.
The list could go on and on and on. Just make sure you get a list and stick to it.
Important Question: Some of my own subscribers were wondering
about my List And Traffic™ video newsletter: “Do you share how to
get my leads to buy from me?”
The answer is an emphatic “Yes”. Not only do I show you how to build
huge lists and drive traffic to your site, I take it one step further and
show you exactly how to get those subscribers and visitors to BUY from
you. It doesn’t help you to simply grow your lists and traffic, you must
get them to spend money with you.
Click Here to see it in action. (And see why this is the most profitable
$10 you’ll EVER spend on your Internet business!)
Key #3: Increase Your “Lifetime Value”
The third key to growing your business and making more money is to “increase
your ‘lifetime value’ “. In other words, sell more to your existing
customers. You’ve worked hard to get the customer, so make the most of it.
You don’t want to merely make one sale to your customers, but rather multiple

There are a couple of ways to earn more lifetime value from your customers,
both of which are important…
1. Multiple offers. One way to earn more lifetime value is
to make multiple offers to your customers over time.
Whether they are products you’ve created yourself, products
you’ve purchased reprint rights to sell, or affiliate
program products, you can increase the amount of profit per
customer by selling them multiple products.
NOTE: What works especially well for multiple offers is to
“graduate” your customers to higher priced items. They may
initially buy a $20 ebook from you, but could easily be
convinced to buy a $47-$97 video or membership. Then, you
could work to get them to buy a $297-$497 home study course
or reprint rights package. From there, you could move them
on to personalized coaching or 2-3 day workshops for fees
from $997-$4997 or even more. What started out as a $20
ebook could easily be turned into hundreds or even
thousands of dollars being spent with you.
2. Residual offers. Another way to earn more lifetime value
is through residual offers – where an existing customer
pays you for the same offer over and over again. These are
primarily service-based offers. Online examples include web
hosting, autoresponders, match-making, private membership
sites, paid newsletters, etc. The customer pays a monthly
fee for the service for as long as they remain an active
It takes much less effort to get an existing customer to buy something
additional from you than it does to go out and find more customers.
And, as you begin to saturate your market (I.E. Finding all of the customers who
might do business with you), it will become more and more important to have
“backend” offers in place to increase your profit from the customers you get.
As you “run out” of new customers available, it’s critical to continue profiting
from the database of folks already doing business with you.

Of course, as with the other two keys we’ve identified here, it’s important that
you schedule time and action steps each week in order to grow this area of your
Note: This is the easiest of the three keys to do and will always result in
additional profits with minimal work if you do it correctly.
So, let’s look at a sample day’s activities for raising the lifetime value of your
customers as you get them to spend more and more money with you.
And, again, you need a systematic approach. There are some things you can do
on a weekly basis in order to increase the number of list members who buy and
the number of site visitors who buy.
Let’s take a quick look at an example of one day’s activities you can begin
implementing into your own business-growing checklist…
q Create or promote additional products.
§ Find an affiliate program that relates to products that my
customers have already purchased from me.
§ Write an article or create a short interview to send to my
customers to promote the product.
§ Mail to my customer list.
§ OPTION B: Create a “Part 2” for an existing product
they’ve purchased and offer it.
q Organize a teleseminar with a “special guest” to promote their
offer as an affiliate.
§ Find a potential interviewee who has an affiliate program.
(Preferably a “high ticket” or “recurring” offer)
§ Make a proposal to them for the interview.
§ Schedule the interview and arrange the technical stuff.
§ Contact my lists with call details.
q Add a freebie to one or more of my customer lists to promote

an offer.
§ Either my own free ebooks, articles, excerpts, audio/video
– or someone else’s that I have permission to give away.
§ Create a special discounted offer for my customers.
Again, these are just some example ideas. Obviously, this report isn’t designed
to give you a comprehensive list of what you’re to do each week to build your
business, but rather it’s intended to give you a strategy to follow.
It should, of course, be custom-tailored to your own business.
Include some of these things in your weekly schedule for getting customers to
spend more and more money with you:
Ø Create and promote additional “related” products.
Ø Develop a “physical” version of an existing digital product.
Ø Start a monthly newsletter or paid subscription site.
Ø Host a teleseminar, webinar or other interactive “live” event.
Ø Offer personal coaching or consultation.
Ø Create a low-cost special report.
Ø Interview an expert and sell the completed product.
Ø Hire a ghostwriter to create additional “related” products.
Ø Partner with someone to create a “service”. (I.E. “Web hosting”, etc.)
Ø Co-author a product with someone.
If you want to consistently grow your business – and ultimately make a
six-figure income online – then you must have a plan. And you must
have some kind of action steps in place in order to accomplish that plan.
Ya gotta have a system!
Once you have a system, it’s simply a matter of repeating things (and
watching your business grow as you do!) over and over.
If you focus on doing the three things we’ve talked about – and you
identify and implement some specific action steps into a weekly

schedule to accomplish those three things – then you WILL
If you want to grow your online business and, ultimately, the profits you can
actually spend each month, then those are the three things you need…
l Increase your market reach.
l Increase your lead conversion.
l Increase your lifetime value.
There’s your four-year marketing education all boiled down into a simple action
plan. If you do those things, you will grow your business and multiply your
profits. Guaranteed.
1. Find more of your potential customers.
2. Convert more of those you find into paying customers.
3. Get those paying customers to spend more money with you.
That’s how you grow your business. That’s how you grow your profits.
It all comes down to List And Traffic.
It all comes down to growing and profiting from opt-in lists and website
Which is exactly why I’ve started the List And Traffic™ video newsletter.
If you’re willing to subscribe to List And Traffic™ for only $10.00, then I’ll
show you exactly how to…
· Get more subscribers and website visitors.
· Get more of your subscribers and website visitors to buy from you.
· Get more of your subscribers and website visitors to buy from you over
and over again.

I’ve given you the three basic things you need to do, and even provided you
with some ideas for each of those keys. But, let’s face it, there’s a lot more to it
than that. There are a lot of little details and specific action steps and shortcuts
that are involved in that weekly schedule that you need to develop.
Sure, you can try to figure it all out for yourself. But why would you, when a
mere ten bucks will get you exactly what you need?
At least, check it out. You’ve got nothing to lose – and you may just have
what you’ve been looking for all this time to gain.
Click Here to visit the List And Traffic™ site. You can be watching videos
that teach you exactly how to grow and profit from opt-in lists and website
traffic within the next five minutes.
Whether you do, or whether you don’t – you owe it to yourself to apply what
you’ve learned in this report. Get a system in place.
Here’s to your next $100K.
God bless,


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